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Welcome to Never Broken.  This is an emotional fitness destination that gives you the tools you need to create change in your life.

So many people have been asking me about the 20 principles in the back of my book, Never Broken, and if there were specific exercises to cultivate positive change.  Indeed, I developed many mindfulness exercises to help me heal and find resilience.

As I say in my book, I truly believe no person can keep us unhappy, abused, or poor if we are willing to take accountability, look in the mirror and say "The shape of my life is up to me.”  It doesn't matter how many or how few resources we have.  The tools on this site will help take you from a victim who merely reacts to life, to an architect who creates it.

I also believe each of us has a story.  We collect dings, bruises and even worse along the path.  But no matter what indignities, abuses, traumas or set backs we endure, we are NEVER broken.  Happiness is for everyone.

Join me as I share what I have learned so far!  Your feedback and participation is welcome.  This type of site is new for me, and we will be learning together.

My dream was to create this web site, where I can help support the needs of what it is to truly be alive: A unified, unedited person who can intuitively find health, inspiration and tools in every category.

We are not in the business of fighting darkness, we are farmers of light.

My favorite thing about this "road map" is that I developed and began to practice it at a time in my life when I was homeless.  All I had was myself and my mind. I was able to practice and build these skills despite my not having a job, a home, or any support, yet I still saw amazing results that transformed my life. You don’t need money or anything other than what’s in your heart.

xx, Jewel

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